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Kinesiology or Muscle Testing

Kinesiology is commonly called "muscle testing" and is a method of communicating with the physical body to determine a truth. Falsehoods or untruths make the body weak while the truth strengthens it. The body is very literal and only knows what is true and what is not.

Muscle testing has many uses, such as:

  • determining if a particular food is healthy for you to eat
  • discovering if a medication is beneficial or harmful for you
  • isolating a belief which may be causing your body to become diseased
  • identifying the cause of a particular ailment or discomfort

There are many methods of kinesiology. I offer these instructions for three methods and recommend you try them all to see which works best for you.

The use of kinesiology always begins with calibration of the body so that you know what the response is for true and false answers.

To calibrate your body, first state out loud something you know to be true, such as stating "My name is whatever-your-name-is." Test to see what the response is. Then make a false statement such as "My name is Spiderman." And test for that response.

Method One
Touch your thumb and middle finger on one hand together, making a circle. Do the same with the thumb and middle finger of the other hand, inserting them inside the circle so they look like two links in a chain. To test, hold your thumbs and fingers tightly together while you pull as if you're trying to pull the two links apart. A true statement will make it almost impossible to separate the two circles. A false statement will allow the thumb and finger of one of the circles to separate and open, allowing the chain to be broken.

Method two
Stand with your feet placed tightly together, knees relaxed. If you know which direction North is, face that direction. Bring your hands to your collarbone and gently tap three times with your fingertips just below the collarbone. Make fists and place them where you just tapped. Say your true statement aloud. You should feel pulled forward. Say your false statement aloud. You should feel pulled backward.

Method three
This method requires two people. The person being tested, Person #1, stands with their right arm relaxed and hanging at their side. Their left arm is held out parallel to the floor with fingers pointing outward and palm down. Person #2 faces Person #1 and places their left hand on the right shoulder of Person #1. Their right hand is placed on the extended arm at the wrist of Person #1. This creates an energy circuit. Person #1 makes a true statement, after which Person #2 says "Hold" and then pushes firmly down on the wrist of Person #1 while Person #1 attempts to hold their arm in the same position. If the statement is true, their arm will be strong. Person #1 will then make an untrue statement, after which Person #2 says "Hold" and pushes downward with the same degree of firmness. There should be noticeable weakness as compared to the first test. During this test, the two people should not look at each other's eyes. This can affect the results of the test.

Important notes about kinesiology:

  • If the testing is not showing true results or no results, both the person testing and the person being tested need to drink water to insure that they're sufficiently hydrated. Remember: water conducts electricity.
  • If the testing is inconsistant or results are switched, the polarity of the person being tested may have switched or there may be a block. Both the person testing and the person being tested can gently tap on the area just below their collarbones and then try the testing again.

For more information about kinesiology, read the book Your Body Doesn't Lie by John Diamond, MD.




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