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Feeling stuck?

Nothing's more frustrating than wanting to make changes in your life but not knowing what or how.

You feel unable to move forward no matter what you do. Unable to see a way out. It's that sense of being unclear or overwhelmed about the best direction for you to take.

You know that something's not right because your Emotional Guidance System is giving you puh-lenty of warnings. You may be feeling stifled, depressed, angry, resentful, confused, or just plain gritchy. Maybe you feel all of these and more. These feelings are blinking red warning lights that it's time for you to get out of your quagmire and moving again in a new direction.

If you want to get your life unstuck, you've come to the right place.

In my life coaching practice, I specialize in helping my clients get their life unstuck so they can move forward and create the great life they desire... and deserve.

Here's a few success stories about my coaching clients* who felt stuck - like you're feeling now - and wanted to get their life moving again. This time in a better direction.

A successful editor and author, V. had become stuck and was experiencing a severe drop in income. During our first session we worked on her awareness of what was draining her energy and how she could plug these energy leaks.

After just the one session she plugged the energy leaks, giving her so much energy and drive she didn't need another session. She created and scheduled several classes and workshops with local community colleges and acquired new clients because of them.

To this day, years later, she is still teaching her classes and is now writing yet another book. She's doing something she dreamed of for years - facilitating a writer's salon. At 79 years of age, she now has the energy of a 30 year old.

When D. contacted me for coaching he was working as a personal trainer at a gym and hated his job, but didn't know how he could afford to quit. He is a Highly Sensitive Person and had issues with loud noises and too many people and activity around him.

During our coaching he came to appreciate the benefits of being an HSP. He learned to shift his perspective from being a victim to the issues of HSP. He began seeing the traits of HSP as beneficial to him in his work as a massage therapist and personal trainer.

After getting clear about exactly how much income he needed in order to quit his job and how much he was already receiving in his off-hours private practice, he discovered he could quit his job. He gave notice and now has a private practice that's so successful he's in the sweet/regretful position of having to turn some clients away. He also has raised his prices to double what he was charging.

B. was stuck in a marriage that had died and in two jobs that were stifling her creative passion for music. Although she was very unhappy in her marriage she was afraid to leave it because of familial influences and financial concerns.

Through our coaching sessions she discerned how much income she needed to move into the apartment she wanted and to support herself. She then explored ways she could create this income through private lessons and classes. She used her core life values to determine what was most important to her in a relationship and what was missing from hers. She then created personal boundary language to inform her husband and her family of her decision to leave the marriage.

She quit the stifling jobs and began teaching at a liberal school that's more in alignment with her life values. Free from a marriage that was draining her, she has recovered the energy to fuel her creative passion and now has successful classes, workshops, and summer music camps for kids, and is composing beautiful music.

Are you ready to create your own success story? If so, here's how I can help ....

  • personal life coaching - Life Purpose coaching, personal life coaching, spiritual coaching, NLP coaching, and coaching with the Tarot
  • workshops, classes, and teleseminars - personal discovery and development, spiritual, and life betterment
  • vibrational healing - Interdimensional 12 strand DNA activation, Reiki-Seichim, and vibrational healing with the DNA
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I'm Kathy Wilson....

Life Purpose Coach, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, vibrational healer, and author.

Contact me to begin getting your life unstuck and moving toward the life of your destiny.


* Life Coaching sessions are strictly confidential. I protect my client's privacy by not revealing their identity (with the exception of the testimonials they give me with their permission).

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"What I got out of it (coaching with Kathy) was Me. More accurately, more and more of me as we went along. I had spent a great deal of my life trying to be someone I am not, and I was afraid that coaching would call on me to try again. But instead it called on me - and enabled me - to be more and more myself. The more I did that, that more success I had."

Richard Brownkatz

"Coaching with Kathy was an amazing experience. Her questions were so powerful that they have resulted in permanent change - not of WHO I am, but of what depths of my essence are revealed and set free to LIVE! Thank you, Kathy!"

Kathleen McCarthy




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