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Repeating The Interdimensional
12 Strand DNA Activation

Recently I've been getting a lot of emails from those of you who've had the Interdimensional 12 Strand DNA Activation, asking if it's necessary to repeat the activation.

The short answer to that question is "no".

The longer answer is that it's not necessary because once the activation is complete it's permanent.

However... even though it's not necessary to repeat the activation process, it may be desireable. Many people have so enjoyed the process and their results that they wished to experience it again.

When I was first offering only private sessions and group activation, I began noticing that there were some people who were coming to group activations over and over. Those that experienced the repeat activation at the group sessions reported that each time their experience of the activation was different, as were their results.

Then people began emailing me their questions about repeating the activation. It was as a result of this interest in repeating the activation that I created the CD and mp3 download. I wanted to offer an affordable method of repeating the activation for those who should so desire.

Recently I was replying to an email from someone who had purchased the mp3 download version and had experienced the activation. She asked the question about repeating the activation and as I was typing my reply, my spirit guides gave me additional information. I'm told to share what they said with you:

Repeated activations refine and add to the original activation. You are given as much of the higher vibrational energy as you can handle during each activation session. Each subsequent activation boosts your vibrational frequency which allows you to hold more Light.

When you feel the nudge to repeat the activation, it's a message coming from your Soul. It's telling you that it's time for another dose of higher vibrational energy which will bring you closer yet to becoming your Divine Self.

12 Strand DNA Activation CD

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12 Strand DNA Activation
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