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These links to some of my favorite spiritual websites will open up a new browser window when you click on them. Just close the window to return back to this website.

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The Gentle Way with Tom T. Moore - learn and use Most Benevolent Outcomes to vastly improve your life instantly.
The Lightworker website

The Kryon website
Dakara Kies
- Holistic Products for Health. Fruta Vida – The Fruit of Life from the Brazilian Rainforest-Anti Aging Juice, Gano Café Healthy Coffee, Masters Miracle Products, Ear Candles, Flower Essences and a whole lot more!
Spiritual Energy Healer
- Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Readings and Healings. Tools for the journey of self discovery. Be set FREE by remembering your wholeness and Divine Beingness. Facilitation of releasing negativity from your life. Solutions for a new beginning!

Ka Jewelry - Ka Jewelry makes authenthic sacred jewelry and talismans with deep meaning from different religions and concepts such as Tree of Life, new age, Egyptian, Jewish and Kabbalah, and Sacred Geometry. Available in pendants, bracelets, and rings. Each jewel prototype goes through anl energizing process that includes a special meditation. This facilitates healing, self balancing and helps in the journey to the totality of the whole.

Orlea Rayne, Artist and Creator of Personal Mandalas
David Sweet - Sweet poetry

Life Cycles Matrix Using birthdays and the Life Cycles Matrix System for insight in your consciousness, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.
Sedona Cards of Destiny Readings - an amazingly accurate reading using the symbology of the cards in a regular deck of playing cards and your birthdate to predict future probabilities.
Richard Brownkatz - Intuitive Healing Massage Therapist and Highly Sensitive Person

The Real Magic Course with Sylvia Gorsline
Sounds From Source - Transformational tools for the frequencies of life.

These are some great services to subscribe to. I find they're a great way to start off my day:

TUT! The Universe - sign up for their daily inspirational messages with a humorous twist.
Marshmallow Messages
from Gary at the Kryon website
Positive Thought for the Day

Holosync Technology from Centerpointe Research Center

· Boosts intelligence and creativity
· Dramatically lowers stress
· Creates new levels of self-awareness and inner peace
· Heals unresolved emotional issues at the deepest level

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