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About Worry

The following brief channeled message was given to me one day when I had almost worn myself out with worrying about everything. I finally sat down, took up my paper and pen, and asked Spirit...

Why do I worry so much?

It is your lack that causes this. You lack the knowledge that should have been instilled in you as a child of your true self, that you are a child of God and are made up totally of love. You are all made of love.

Can I change this trait?

Of course. Just know at all times that you are all powerful. When you sink into worry and stress you are losing your connection to the source of all Love, which is God. Reconnect and you will lose all stress, worry, and anxiety.

How can I reconnect?

By counting your blessings. Being grateful and happy and joyous for that which you do have now, right this instant.

Now, stop worrying and get to loving.




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