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It's Time to Create the World You Want

For the first time in history, the entire world has gathered together in one voice to voice opposition to war - before the war even started. We have awakened to the power we have when we use our voice in concert with others to create a planetary energy with which we sing our song of peace.

Now that we have this experience and have started rolling with the momentum of using our voice to stop war, let's think about what happens beyond this war. Let's continue to use this energy we've created with our choir of voices to create the government we want in our country and in the world.

"Be careful what you wish for. It will come true."

This saying has never been more true on our planet than right now. Wishes aren't simply things that you say you want. Wishes are whatever you focus on. If you focus on what you don't have, you are creating more of what you don't have in your life. If you are focusing on your abundance, you are creating more blessings for yourself.

You may have noticed that things you are wishing for are appearing in your life, and often are appearing almost instantly. This is proof that we are now living in the fifth dimension, which means that there are not as many barriers to our Higher Self, Spirit, our guides, the angels, etc. For the last few years we have been forewarned by many channeled entities to be mindful of our thoughts, because soon whatever we will think of, we will manifest. This time is now.

It is time for you to choose what you want to manifest for the world.

Allow me now to share my vision with you.

All the elected officials in our government have a website in which they post information about the various issues they are working on. Each issue is on its own webpage with complete information about the issue.

People are able to give the representative feedback by using an online form which is at the bottom of the webpage for each issue. They can simply click on one or more options and add comments in a text box, then click on a "submit" button and send their feedback directly to the representative. This bypasses lobbyists, special interest groups, and "advisors", and is a direct pipeline connecting the people with their selected representatives so that there is no distorted, contorted, and skewed information getting to the representatives.

We no longer refer to these people as our "leaders". They are representatives of the people and honor the fact that they work for the people.

I invite you to think about what you would like your world to be like. Write it down. Share it with your friends, and start growing this vision so that it becomes a reality. Invite your friends to share their vision with you. Co-create with them and with Spirit. Make it happen!




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