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Since the 9/11 incident there has been a epidemic of flags of the United States appearing everywhere - on cars, houses, clothing, advertisements. What is the meaning of all this patriotism?

While I'm sure that most folks have an innocent wish for good by displaying their allegiance to the US, the truth is that their patriotism is the cause of war.

Think for a moment about how the feeling of pride of yourself, or your country, has the effect of making you NOT prideful of anything else that exists outside of the object of your pride.

If you are proud of your country, what do you feel about the other countries in the world?

How do people in other countries view you as you strut pridefully around, declaring yourself and your country to be the best in the world?

Is it any wonder that we attract anger with an attitude like that?

By being patriotic to your country, your state, your city,or your school, you are alienating and separating yourself from the other human beings who also inhabit this planet. Patriotism separates you from other people. It makes it easy, then, to declare war on others, since they aren't included in your imaginary boundaries of what you declare you are patriotic to. How can you declare war on your own kind? How can you war on your own family?

We are trained in this belief of patriotism at an early age when we attend public school and are encouraged to be patriotic to our school. When we graduate and live in the real world, our boundary of patriotism expands to our country.

How about graduating to include the entire world in our patriotism? It will sure make it more difficult to have war.




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