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DNA and Sugar

The following was channeled to me on 7/20 as I was replying to an email sent to me by a woman who was studying the effects of white processed sugar on the DNA.

Those who are becoming more knowledgeable about what we put in our body and how it affects us know that sugar is not a food, but is a drug.

Therefore, the effect of sugar on our DNA is similar to that of any of the drugs that hmans use. It numbs the emotions and blocks the neuropathways by which thought is transmitted. You are imprinting your DNA constantly with every emotion and every thought. When these are deadened or blocked, so is the opportunity to re-program the DNA in healthy ways.

Thus your DNA becomes programmed with muddled information. It is much like the effect that drugs and alcohol have on your aura. If you've ever seen a picture of the aura of a person who has taken drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of having the picture taken, you'll know what this looks like. It places a darkened area within their aura, signifying the damage done by the drug. The darkness is a place where there is no energy.

This same thing happens to the DNA when any kind of drug, including sugar, is ingested. The information which has become muddled causes misfires or erroneous information to be sent from the DNA to the body, causing further imbalance and disease within the body.

To help you visualize this, imagine your DNA as a ticker tape. Drugs such as sugar and alcohol cause the machinery that prints on the ticker tape to misfire, making some of the letters that form the words to not print. The resulting message becomes all garbled and imcomprehensible to the reader, which in this case is your body.




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