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Psychic Writing Regarding Forgiveness

I was surfing the web to find small polar fleece clothing companies that I could email and tell them about the leftover rolls of fabric that I was selling after I closed my business. In so doing, I ran across a website owned by a woman in Seattle who had stolen some text off my website that I had worked very hard at creating. I reacted first with anger, and emailed her a very angry and threatening message. She rebounded with the exact same amount of angry energy - an instant mirror to me of the energy that I was sending out. I recognized this and asked for help from my guides, whom I know as The Friends, in understanding this situation and how I might make it better.

This is what came through in the channeled writing that I did.

What is the lesson I'm to learn surrounding the lack of knowledge that I feel?

Know that we are with you. This is a big lesson for you and will be a major breakthrough. You cannot have anything taken away from you that you give freely. Even if you give it retroactively in your time, in real time it is in alignment.

It includes forgiveness. You forgive the woman who took your writing without asking and give her permission to use it. It is then that the act transcends and becomes an act of love, not of fear.

Although you reacted with fear, which was your anger at first, you knew that the energy surrounding the issue, you, and she, was not right. Not comfortable. And you wished to change it. You asked us for help and we gave it and you followed through and the end result is that you changed the energy surrounding this issue and the two of you who were involved in it from fear to love.

What is forgiveness? I don't understand how it works.

Jesus said "Forgive them Father for they know not what they do". People who hurt you do not know that they are doing that. They do not intend to hurt you. What they intend to do is to take care of their own needs and they do so in the best way they know how. Sometimes by doing this they run smack dab into someone else's needs, which conflict with theirs. This is when hurts arise. Forgive them for they know not what they do. The woman who took your writing did not know she was doing anything to hurt someone else. She was only focused on putting information on her website to help others.

In all cases you can forgive someone who has hurt you if you have this knowing - they know not what they do.

People know there are some things they shouldn't do but they think it's only because it's against the law and their depth of understanding stops right there. If they thought it through and realized that the laws are in place to stop people from hurting each other not just physically but emotionally and spiritually, they would not need the laws.




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