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Astrology, the Guidepost of Your Life

For eons, humans have used astrology as a guidepost of what the future holds for them. The belief they held about astrology was that they were powerless to do anything but suffer the fate that was in the stars for them.

In the present time on our planet, astrology is finally being used as it was intended - as a guidepost to what energies are coming and how you can use them to your highest benefit to learn and to move forward in your evolution.

The way astrology works is this: the electromagnetic energy of each planet radiates outward and is received by the electromagnetic fields in your body. Sometimes these affects are quite subtle, and at other times they are not so subtle. The instance of a full moon and the increased rate of violent crimes during that period is just one example.

Not only your body as a whole has an electromagnetic field around it - every cell in your body also has its own energy field. The DNA in each cell also has its own energy field. These fields shift and change according to influences such as your health and your emotions. One of these influences that can affect your energy fields is the energy field of another body - human or otherwise.

You have no doubt had the experience of feeling the energy of someone else's anger, fear, or love, even if they didn't verbalize what they were feeling to you. Somehow you could sense it. You may have felt it as a sensation of being uncomfortable or you may have felt the emotion growing inside of yourself. So, too, does the energy of the planets, our sun, and our moon, affect the energy fields of your body.

Your DNA has within it encoding that was imprinted by the energetic influences of the electromagnetic fields of the planets that were visible in the sky when you were born. Your astrological chart is your guidepost to this information and the influences that you were imprinted with. Part of the information that was encoded into your DNA at birth includes your attitudes, tendencies, likes, and dislikes. An astrologer can decode this information and share it with you, giving you deeper insight into yourself.

As the planets change their position in the sky from our perspective on earth, the energetic influences we experience from them change also. An astrologer can interpret these changes in regards to their relationship with the influences you were imprinted with at your birth.




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