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Taking Care of Your Body

For several weeks I had been having powerful dreams about horses and cats. I didn't understand what the symbolism of these animals was for me, so I went to my favorite oracle of answers - channeled writing. This is what came through and the information about taking care of my body has universal importance for everyone.

I asked the following question of my spirit guides:

What is the meaning for me of the dreams I am having about horses and Winter, my cat, in relationship to the theme that keeps occuring of my neglect in my responsibility their care?

This is what they answered:

Where in your life are you neglecting your responsibility, and in particular to yourself. How are you taking care of yourself? Are you cheating in your exercise routine and in the food you take in? The horses and the cat are a symbol we sent you to represent yourself. This cold (I was suffering from a bad cold) is a stepped up warning to you that you need to take care of your body and be responsible for it or it will be taken away from you.

The outside nourishment and tending to of this body is only part of what you need to do. You also have a responsibility to keep the energy fires stoked. This is done by your spiritual connection, as you call it. We have sent you the ringing in your ears (I have Tinnitus) to remind you to do this and instead you eat pills. Listen to, heed, and act upon the information you are given during these connections. It is not enough to just hear them. You must also act on them, as you did when we sent you the message to do the guided meditations (for world peace, now being aired on PTTV). You see how grandly that worked out. This is what can happen when you follow our guidance. And you see what happens when you don't follow our guidance. Your body fails you. It is one of our more drastic ways of communicating with you.

If this be true, how can I regenerate the bone to support my teeth? What can I do?

The bone in your body represents substance in your life. We sense your confusion and are working on rewording that for you. Sub. Stand. Basis or foundation. Ok. The foundation of your life is not stable. It is weak. You allow others to drive you with their demands, whims, and even what you perceive to be their expectations of you. What is YOUR purpose? What is YOUR passion? When you strengthen your stand, you will strengthen your substance.




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