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Investment for Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching

Your investment in yourself is just as important as your investments in savings accounts, retirement funds, or real estate.

The time and money you invest in your education and your personal growth will result in expanded opportunities for you in your professional, business, and personal life. The rewards you gain from investing in yourself are vast and encompass all aspects of your life.

Many life coaches require a minimum three month or longer commitment, agreed upon in a written contract. I believe that the time you want to continue with your life coaching is defined by your needs and desires. Some of my clients have worked with me for only a few sessions to achieve their coaching goals. Others have needed only one session. A few have continued life coaching with me for years.

Sessions may be weekly or bi-weekly. In my experience I've found that sessions scheduled any further apart than two weeks create a loss of momentum.

The weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions of one hour are paid in advance. I take VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

Pay per session - one hour session $75

If you see the value of coaching in your life and would like to begin coaching, yet presently don't have the finances for the sessions, contact me about the possibility of a scholarship or another form of energy exchange.

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