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Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching Tools

During our Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching sessions, we'll often use tools, or processes, to assist you in gaining deeper knowledge and to move you forward toward you goal more quickly and efficiently. Many of these tools you may wish to carry with you beyond our coaching and continue to use them in your life. You may even wish to share them with others to help them.

Some of the coaching tools that I use most often are:

Action Step
Small or large, baby step or giant step, any action step is chosen by you so that you can move toward the goal you've claimed.

For whatever action you choose to do, you will be held accountable. What this means is that whether you complete the action or not, we will discuss the learning that you gained from the process. It's not about being good for doing it or bad for not doing it. It's about what you learned from it. There is as much learning to be gained from not doing a chosen action as from doing it.

Strong, healthy personal boundaries are how you live your Life Values. They tell the world what you will and will not accept in relationship to what's most important to you. They define who you are. During coaching, it may be appropriate to work on strengthening your personal boundaries.

Together we generate an inventory of ideas and possibilities to give you a list of choices. Often you'll gain a new perspective to the issue at hand.

Divination tools
During our sessions I may use one or more of my Divination Tools. Some of the tools I use to access the Ancient's wisdom include the book Animal Speak and the Medicine Cards, which assist me in interpreting the meaning of the presence of an animal messenger. I use Kinesiology, which is also called "muscle testing" to test for the truth in a matter. I may also use my pendulum or pull a card from one of the 50+ divination decks I have in my collection. Sometimes I access the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, the Kaballah, Astrology, and numerology. Often I will refer to my resources on energetic healing and therapeutic essential oils. I am open to using any and all of the ancient spiritual practises in the interest of assisting my clients to live their life on Purpose.

A wise wondering, a sort of Question of the Week that you simply carry around with you to gain new awareness about an issue. It requires no answer since it's purpose is to bring awareness. Optimally, the inquiry is crafted by you in order for you to receive maximum benefit from it. Clients are often amazed at the depth of learning and new perspectives they've gained with the use of inquiries. An example of an inquiry is "Is this situation giving me energy or taking energy from me?".

Writing about a subject often assists you in gaining a deeper clarity about it. The optimum journaling session is a minimum of three pages written in longhand. Writing rather than printing opens up the link to your right brain, your creative side, permitting your intuition to open and offer you new insights about an issue.

NLP Exercises
These exercises are specifically designed to help you change your mental or emotional state, perceive more opportunities, and make better choices for yourself. They are very powerful, yet deceiving in their simplicity and ease of use.

Life Values
In the intake packet are exercises to assist you in identifying your most important Life Values. These values are the center of you and are reflected in everything you do. When you are honoring them your life is in balance and you are empowered. When you aren't honoring your values, you live your life by default and outside influences, such as other people, make your choices for you.

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