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Life Purpose Coaching Is....

What is Life Coaching?

When people ask me what I do and I tell them "I'm a Life Coach", their typical response is, "What's a Life Coach?" It seems to be the Unknown Profession, reminiscent of the Unknown Comic, who regularly appeared with a plain brown paper bag over his head on the Gong Show years ago. Although it's well known and accepted in the corporate world, outside of those boundaries it's an almost Unknown Profession.

Many have tried to succinctly define Life Coaching. There are as many aspects to it and ways of doing it as there are people, making it almost impossible to define. My version of the Life Coaching definition goes something like this:

Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching is a personal, inner growth process guided by a professionally trained coach (me!) that manifests in a higher quality life for the client (you!).

How do you find the best Life Coach for you?

Life Coaching is becoming one of the fastest-growing professions in the world. Yes, the world. There are literally millions of life coaches throughout the world now. Many who call themselves life coaches have simply decided to do so. Those who take the profession more seriously have actually attended one or more of the many Life Coach schools. Some of those have acquired various and sundry certifications.

Besides the difficulties of trying to find a life coach who has an education specifically as a life coach, each coach has their specialty, their "niche" as its called.Adding to the difficult task of selecting the best life coach for you, of those millions of coaches each one has their own unique style of coaching.

For the purpose of helping you to discern whether I might be a good choice as your Life Purpose Coach, I assure you that have a formal life coaching education, having attended The Academy for Coach Training and Erickson College, both accredited institutions. I am a Certified Professional Coach and Certified Teleclass Leader.

Now, allow me tell you a bit about how I work.

What I do and how I coach

There are many subtleties and nuances within the practice of life coaching and it would take days to discuss all of them. Here are what I believe to be the most important aspects of life coaching and which comprise most of what I do:

  • Listening... at an extremely deep and concentrated level. I listen not only to what you're saying. I pay attention to how you're saying it. I hear the volume and tone of your voice and the words you use. I catch what you're not saying, too. All of this is valuable information about you and how you're experiencing the issue you're currently dealing with.
  • Reflecting... to you what I'm hearing you say. This practice has two important purposes: to make sure I'm hearing what you intended and to allow you to hear clearly what you're actually saying. Often we get so used to hearing our own loops of thought that we become intellectually and emotionally numb to them. Hearing your thoughts from a source outside yourself often brings surprising new awareness.
  • Sharing... knowledge, information, and wisdom I've gathered during my periods of formal education and through the life teachings of others as well as the lessons learned throughout the years of my own life journey. The knowledge I share with my coaching clients often includes tools to ease their way as they continue on their own life journey. Tools such as practical processes and resources offering even more vast knowledge about specific subjects.
  • Enlightening... as I assist you in becoming adept at shifting your perspectives and gaining new awareness. The practice of seeing things differently gives you a broader array of choices regarding your issues - and your life - resulting in new ways of thinking, doing, and being. Life isn't black or white, yes or no, this or that. It's much fuller, vastly richer. The choices you have in any given situation are much greater in number than you might now believe. Recognizing the greater number of options you have allows you to make the best selection for you... and for all concerned.
  • Empowering... you with the freedom to have your best life. Being empowered means no longer being a victim of the whims and desires of others. It means having the confidence and courage to make choices that are in your highest and best interests. I gladly share with you the powerful combination of all my learned coaching skills, my life experiences, and my natural intuition to create an environment in which you'll learn how to make those choices that create a better quality life for you.

Always, within our coaching relationship you are supported in a safe, confidential, and nonjudgmental environment. Typically we will have an hour coaching session weekly or biweekly by phone. I require no contract or long-term agreement. Some of my clients have gotten what they wanted within just a few sessions. Some have continued on for several years. Some pop in and out as they feel the need.

What Life Purpose Coaching Isn't

Life Coaching isn't... consulting. In consulting, the consultant advises you and recommends solutions based on their experience and knowledge. When I am being your Life Purpose Coach, I hold the space for you to discover your own answers... the answers that are already within you. This is the real power of coaching.

Life coaching isn't counseling or psychotherapy. Counseling or psychotherapy is focused on your past and how it affects you today. During coaching, we focus on where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Unlike counseling or psychotherapy, I openly and willingly share with you any notes I take during our sessions.

Are you ready for Life Purpose Coaching?

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