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Kathy Wilson, CPC



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What Happens During The Coaching Session?

During our Spiritual Life Purpose Coaching session, I listen deeply and intently to what you are saying, how you are saying it, and what you are not saying.

I offer probing questions to deepen your learning, reflection on what I hear and what I don't hear, and a safe and confidential environment for you to explore and grow.

When you're ready to step into action, I'm at your side offering support, encouragement, and accountability.

The dynamic of coaching involves certain qualities that the client (you!) and your life coach (me!) bring to each session.

You provide:

  • openess to possibility
  • eagerness to act
  • excitement for learning
  • courage to experiment
  • capability of investing
  • desire to collaborate
  • ability to implement
  • willingness to grow
  • readiness for change to happen

I provide:

  • knowledge and experience
  • structures and frameworks
  • clarifing and reflecting
  • concepts
  • tools
  • strategies
  • language
  • coaching proficiencies
  • non-judgement

Whether by phone or in person, all of my coaching sessions are held in the clear, clean energy of my Crystal Room. This room has many beautiful crystals, all with their own special healing properties. They serve to enhance the quality of the connection between you, myself, and the Divine Guidance of Spirit/the Universe/the Angels/spirit guides... whatever you wish to call it.

This connection completes a high frequency energetic circuit through which Higher Wisdom is received by me. I share the information with you as I receive it. This Higher Wisdom is received by me in many different forms, such as inner visions, emotions, inner voice, bodily sensations, a "knowing", synchronistic events, and animal messengers,

Higher Wisdom empowers you to see your challenges and opportunities from new perspectives, giving you new choices in how you can feel, think, and act. You then are able to gain the freedom of choice and to see opportunities open to you, where before you saw only closed doors, blank walls, or blockages in your path.

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Kathy Wilson, CPC, GRI
680 Rainier Lane, Port Ludlow, WA 98365
Phone: 360.437.9328

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