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Coaching Article: Power Up Your Life With Empowering Language

Words are powerful. The thoughts and words you use describe your reality not only to others but to your inner self . You create your reality with the words you choose.

The language you use can empower you so that you are at choice. OR it can have the opposite effect and disempower you, putting you in victim stance.

The words that you habitually use affect how you communicate with yourself and how you experience your life. Simply by changing the words you use consistently you can change your life.

Listed below are disempowering words and phrases. The empowering words that you can use to replace them with are listed on the right.

Disempowering Empowering
should choose, desire, want, could
need to want to, choose to, desire to
have to desire to
can't am not willing to, choose not to
always, never sometimes, often, seldom
must choose, desire
but and
try intend, aim, will, can, commit to
nah, nope, huh-uh No
yeah, uh-huh Yes
just, only I AM
you make me I feel, I am
you - used when talking about yourself I
if only next time
problem opportunity, challenge


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