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Coaching Article: Power Down Negative Emotions With Your Words

A little bit of fear can be a good thing. It can motivate you and get you moving. However, when fear becomes too strong it can stop you.

When you feel intense fear, your body gets into "fight or flight" mode. During this mode, your blood leaves your brain and other vital organs and goes to your muscles, lungs, and heart, to ready you for flight or to fight. This leaves your brain with a deficiency of oxygen, which means that you have little or no brainpower with which to think.

With the power of the words you use, you can diffuse the intensity of any fearful, negative emotions that you are feeling so that your body, and brain, can function normally.

Below are listed some negative emotions as they are commonly used and some alternatives that you can use to reduce the intensity of the emotion.

This exercise is not designed to turn a negative into a positive.

It acknowledges the emotion you are feeling while allowing you to decrease the intensity of it by using words with less emotional charge to them. When emotions are inhibiting you from functioning clearly, take a deep breath and power down your emotion by choosing your language.

Negative Emotion or Expression Less Intense
I'm angry I'm disenchanted, peeved
I'm afraid I'm uncomfortable
I'm depressed I'm temporarily a little down
I'm destroyed I'm experiencing a set back
I'm disgusted I'm surprised
I'm furious I'm annoyed
I'm hurt I'm bothered
I'm exhausted I'm not very energetic right now
I'm nervous I'm energized, I'm stimulated
I'm overwhelmed I have many opportunities, I'm in demand
I'm petrified I'm challenged
I'm sick I'm cleansing
I'm scared I'm excited
I'm stressed I'm fully engaged, I'm alive
I'm scared to death I'm moving and shaking
I'm frustrated I'm regrouping


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