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Coaching Article: It's Questionable

Recently, at the urging of my friend and coaching pal, Lori Rubenstein, I ordered the audio tape set for Date with Destiny from Tony Robbins. Well, not exactly directly from him. From his company.

One of the things that really impressed me was Tony's talent for asking incredibly excellent questions. He believes that the quality of the answer you get is directly related to the quality of the question you ask.

He also believes that we have one Primary Question that we use to filter all the information that we allow in. I liken this to what we coaches call a "Life Value" or "Core Value". For instance, my main core value is honesty. My Primary Question, then, is "What is the learning in this?"

By asking this Primary Question when faced with choices, I am able to discern how I can honor my core value by my choice - a practice that is awesome in its power.

Try this exercise: Identify your Core Life Value, then create a Primary Question that resonates with your value. During the next few days whenever you are in a position of choice or are having an issue with something or someone, ask your Primary Question of yourself.

The shift you'll experience in your awareness will be nothing less than amazing!

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